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It takes perseverance, hard work and a little extra help…

Latoria and her four children moved into our Dehon Village nearly eight years ago. She, like the other residents, struggled financially. We helped the family get settled and provided them with food and other items to get them on their feet. Through the years, the single mother relied on our food pantry and our assistance with an electric bill from time to time in order to take care of her family. While in residence, we were also able to help her and the children with school supplies, summer camp and provided the kids Christmas gifts during the holidays.

Despite being a hard worker, Latoria found it difficult to find decent work. She resorted to cleaning houses to make ends meet.

Latoria continued the search for permanent employment. Starting as a temp at a local warehouse, her dedication and work ethic landed her a fulltime position.

Regularly attending our Adult Continuing Education classes, Latoria learned about budgeting and home buying. Slowly, she repaired her credit. Her hard work finally paid off. Latoria was approved to purchase a house! With the guidance of our housing staff, she found an affordable new home for her family.

Tragically, the disabled and elderly are some of the most vulnerable that we serve. Nearly one third of those who come to our social service offices for assistance are the elderly poor. Attempting to balance basic living expenses on fixed incomes, they are presented with an impossible choice—to pay for utilities, life-saving medicine or a meal on the table. And now, with this pandemic, they are more vulnerable and isolated than ever before.

“I am so proud! This will be my first home!” Latoria cried.

Latoria and her family have settled into her new home. She recently invited us over to take a peek at her new residence. Though she says it will be a while before she has all of the necessary furnishings, Latoria and her children are enjoying every minute of the monumental accomplishment. The look on her face says it all!

“Sacred Heart Southern Missions is wonderful. I don’t know where me and my family would be without them,” said Latoria.

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