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Religious Gifts

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This exquisite and inspiring arched plate stands 9" atop a handsome wooden base and includes a tea light candle in glass holder. The lovely and unique set will make a beautiful home shrine to the Sacred Heart.
Suggested gift of $35 
This beautifully framed and embossed Silver Icon of 'Mother and Child' was created by Italian artist Luigi Pesaresi. Original design, precious materials and exquisite craftsmanship are the ingredients of this remarkable work of art. Size is 6-3/4"x8".
Suggested gift of $30 
Stunning wall mount crucifix. Appx 4.75" x 8". Comes gift boxed.
Gift of $35 
Gold Tone Keychain Two-sided, appx. 2" x 1"
Gift of $25 
A valuable aid to meditation and prayer, this beautiful, illustrated wall cross measures 6.5in by 4in and contains inspiring pictures of our salvation in Jesus. In the center, the image of the Sacred Heart. The birth of Jesus is represented on the top section of the cross, Jesus healing ministry to the left, the gift of the Eucharist to the right, and Jesus' passion and resurrection on the base of the cross.
Gift of $12 
This beautiful piece will remind you to pray for the guidance and protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus during all your travels.
Gift of $10 

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