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Religious Gifts

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Hand-Carved Olive Wood Nativity Set. This eleven piece, limited-edition olive wood Nativity Set features figures carved by children of Bethlehem. This cottage industry allows children to work at home and contribute to the family support. Pieces range from 1" to 4-1/4" tall.
Suggested gift of $25 
Jesus Framed print, desk or wall mount in 8" x 10" frame.
Gift of $12 
Last Supper Candle Holder
This handsome gold tone pin with a beautiful rose can be worn year round to serve as a touching reminder of a dear friend or loved one. The size of the pin is 1-1/8 inches.
Gift of $20 
This 2in x 2in old-gold style Visor Clip with the beautiful emblem of the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe will remind you every time you get in the car of the loving protection of our Holy Mother during all your travels. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe will encourage you to be a prayerful careful driver.
Gift of $25 
Sacred Heart decal for car windshield.
Gift of $10 
Replica of the original "dashboard Jesus" that graced countless dashboards over several decades.
Gift of $15 
Gift of $15 
Adorn a shelf, mantle, or bedside table with this high-quality, glossy 6"x 8" arched diptych. Incorporating a beautiful image and prayer, this durable diptych is a unique and perfect gift for any occasion!
Gift of $12 
This exquisite and inspiring arched plate stands 9" atop a handsome wooden base and includes a tea light candle in glass holder. The lovely and unique set will make a beautiful home shrine to the Sacred Heart.
Suggested gift of $35 

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